F@#k Yeah, Iambic Pentameter

You ask me questions; I provide the answers / In blank verse of pentameter, iambic. / I also sometimes throw in random reblogs. / The only rule is that it keeps the beat.

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60) Give me your top 5 hottest celebrities.

This might not be in order, but whatever…
Olivia, of course, and Tina Fey.
Janelle Monae — look, I don’t even know
her music, she’s just always hella dapper.
The actresses who played Bree Van de Kamp
or Gabrielle Solis (I couldn’t choose),
and Laura Roslin. With a special mention
for dear Lis Sladen: flawless all her years.

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The resemblance is uncanny.

Looks like Obama’s been getting some dance lessons from Sassy Gay Nine. I wonder if Barack does the drunken giraffe, too…

Sent in by jesusdotgod!

I opened up this tab, and on my playlist,
the shuffle switched to Gaga. It’s a sign.
(Obama: secret Time Lord? Not denied yet…)

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30 – Do you have a favorite fic you’ve written? What makes it your favorite? And don’t forget to give us a link!

My favorites (of the ones I haven’t linked!)
are those for tiny, all-too-unloved fandoms:
the one for Waldo/Carmen Sandiego;
the one I think had Krazy Kat’s voice down.
I’m partial to the Doctor-Pluto friendship,
and love how this hurt/comfort fic came out.

And with that post, I’m finished with the meme!
At last, I get to close the stupid tab XD

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13 – Do you prefer canon or fanon when you write? Has writing fanfic for a fandom changed the way you see some or even all of the original source material?

A complicated question! I enjoy
when fic subverts, or plays with, or expands
on canon. Should that make the answer “both”?
Besides, in fandoms like fake news, the “canon”
is highly inconsistent. Any writer,
before they settle down to write a fic,
must pick through all the info we’ve been given
and settle on the subset they’ll be using.
That chosen subset sounds like “both” as well.
(And then you’ve got the AUs shown in canon…
or one-shot jokes that could have been expanded,
for instance, when Cenac and Wilmore hosted…)

In series where the canon is so bad
that fanon almost constantly outdoes it,
I rarely like the fandom in the first place.
If canon sucks that hard, I’m moving on.
(The lone exception I can think of: Glee.)

For recs…this made me hate a little less
the way the remade BSG concluded.
As far as Angel goes, this did the same.
And this one formed my Four/Romana fanon.
A perfect theory of Good Omens' War.
This epic is the source in my subconscious
of several background thoughts on Sailor Moon.
And this repaired a glaring, troubling gap
in Butler’s Xenogenesis. My thanks.
I’m not sure if that’s what the question meant…
but hey, the fics are good, the recs well-earned.

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8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they’re not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs.

Of course I write them, if the story needs it!
The trick is that it needs to be organic.
A story where the OC just appears
from nowhere, and the canon warps around
their specialness, is never gonna work.
And when the fic’s AU, already changing
the background of the canon folks around,
it’s best to use them everywhere you can.

But when you’re flashing back to times pre-canon,
or giving someone illness, in a series
where doctors aren’t a staple of the cast,
or when exploring how a canon setup
appears to someone not at all connected,
or seeing how this couple works with kids,
or working on a casefic (needs a client
for Holmes; a new potential bride for Wooster;
some aliens in trouble for the Doctor;
a victim of the day for Sailor Moon)…
you can’t just shoehorn canon people in.
Provided the OCs are built to fill
the story’s need, and not the other way
around, they likely won’t devolve to Sues.

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3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

For Sailor Moon…do OCs count for this?
To Haruka I got a bit attached.
Her love, and strength, and stress, they all appealed.
(It didn’t hurt that I would soon admit
a thing for pretty femmes, and wearing suits.)

For Hellsing, Sir Integra, not a doubt.
With Alucard as second, not the least
because to write him is to have a filter
through which to focus fiercely on Integra.

For Oz, it’s Princess Ozma. Gender-bending!
With Dorothy by her side, because she’s awesome.

For Doctor Who…it’s like I said before.
I’ll always be a fan of Sarah Jane.

Within the fake-news hour’s fine ensemble,
the character Colbert is just a treasure.
He packs a constellation of the traits
I most adore to write. The snark, the humor,
the overwrought emotions, the repression,
the funny and the tragic side by side.
I’ll also never get enough of Jon.

For Madoka, I don’t know how to choose!
I’m partial to the heroine, and Homura
has all the strength and tragedy and greatness
(as well as powers I will never tire of),
and Sayaka — I really can’t explain it,
but something in her flaws has hooked my heart,
and made me want to put it all in writing.
While Mami, Kyoko, Yuma-chan, and Charlotte
are slightly less compelling, it’s not much!

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2 – Name the fandoms you’ve written in, and how much you’ve written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

Excepting those in which I’ve only dabbled…
There’s Sailor Moon, with great unpublished epics,
the kind with OC senshi by the score,
as well as just a handful really posted.
A standby; I write more, oh, once a year?

There’s Hellsing, which I never wrote much fic in,
but used in comics every day for years.
Although I’m done with being truly active,
I wouldn’t bet on never writing more.
That comic also featured Read or Die,
Pet Shop of Horrors, Utena, Good Omens,
Witch Hunter Robin, and some Jeeves & Wooster,
and probably some others I’ve forgotten.

I drop back on the Land of Oz for prompts.
I’ll do the same in future, you can bet.

I’m all about the series you can cross
with Doctor Who. I wrote an epic there,
and several shorter fics, along those lines.
I’m also all about the Sarah Jane;
a lot of inspiration left with Lis.
Perhaps one day another new companion
will bring it back to life. You never know.

The shows that always come with more to write
are those that start with “Daily" and "Colbert
(and many that are six-degrees related).
The epics are unrolled; the ficlets flourish.
You drop a hat, and I can turn out more.

In Madoka, I’m getting up to speed.
A bunch of one-shots, varying in length;
a longer fic is making wobbly progress;
a bunch of bunnies waiting in the wings.
I hope the inspiration stays for years.

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Second Right Past Mars by *sailorptah
This is fabulous. I’ve been saying Miss Frizzle was a Time Lady but THIS. THANK YOU, ARTIST.



So does that make her.. The Teacher?

Of course not! Watch the series: she’s The Frizz.
(And yes, the art is mine - you’re welcome, Tumblr XD)





Second Right Past Mars by *sailorptah

This is fabulous. I’ve been saying Miss Frizzle was a Time Lady but THIS. THANK YOU, ARTIST.






So does that make her.. The Teacher?

Of course not! Watch the series: she’s The Frizz.

(And yes, the art is mine - you’re welcome, Tumblr XD)

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