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Please Reblog this if you ever watched Sailor Moon





My cousin says it’s not popular.

Help me out by proving that it is, please and thank you. <3


It was my first anime, I still have nostalgia feels for it ya’ll

I’m a huge fan and I’ve got the blog and collection to prove it! XD

Let’s be a part of getting those notes up guys!

For more support, just search it on dA.
Three hundred thousand artworks can’t be wrong!
(Compare to, say, Teen Wolf - just 16K -
or all the Sherlocks - 80K combined.)

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Cave Hibernum: So that whole ‘The Indian Sherlock’ thing got me brooding over the... →



So that whole ‘The Indian Sherlock’ thing got me brooding over the shitfit some parts of fandom tend to throw at the prospect of a Holmes and/or Watson that aren’t British - and how by ‘British’, they in fact mean ‘a very narrow idea of ~Britishness~ that includes the following attributes: white,…

this is the greatest thing

i have ever



like what??? an adaptation of my bbs that actually does something different and interesting???

I only wish it kept in Moriarty.
Like, being black and poor means no archrival,
just Serious Business Issues? How is someone
supposed to hate!ship Sherlock with The System?

…and also, I’d like everybody flailing
to step away from Sherlock altogether
and go create a fandom for this series.
If only half would do it, just imagine
how many fics and fanworks we would get
for female black detectives in Botswana
who started out that way. How great would that be?

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So now that we know that #Sherlock Season 3 will indeed be coming out next year - what are the Statesiders going to do now that nearly every upload/download site’s been crashed and/or cracked down upon, eh?

They’ll have to suck it up and learn to torrent :)

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12 – Have you ever attempted an “adaptation” fic of a favorite book or movie but set in a different fandom?

You mean a fusion? Only very rarely.
(In writing, anyway. In art? Can’t stop.)
John Oliver as Alice happened once,
a sequel to another fan’s AU.
Some Jon-as-Sherlock lasted for a ficlet.
I wrote a couple fics with Sailor Jon
and never got them archived. Ought to fix that.
(Until then, you can dig them up right here.)

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